1. Put God first and always. You do that, you can do anything.  You do that, you’ll never go wrong.
  2. Pray every day. An Our Father. A Hail Mary. A thank you for all God has done.
  3. Rely on His way, not yours. He is The Way, The Truth and The Light. And his way is not the way of man. It will be hard. You will go against the tide. But it is the right way and the only way.
  4. Look to help others before you help yourself.
  5. Treat everyone, but especially women, with dignity. If you love a woman, you will never use her for some fleeting moment of pleasure (yes I know you don’t want to talk to your mother about this, but it’s important).  If you love a woman, you will never, ever use her for anything. Especially that.  Think on this in high school.  Think on this in college.  Love is so much more important.
  6. Follow only God. Chris – I speak to you here.  Don’t do things so your friends think you’re cool.  Friends will like you today and will hate you tomorrow.  Do what is right.
  7. Go to college. And go away to college.  It is the best thing you can ever do. And after college, don’t go home.  Make a life for yourself.  It will be hard, fun and wonderful.
  8. Learn how to cook, clean up after yourself, and help around the house – no matter whose house it is.
  9. Don’t be lazy, greedy or cheap.
  10. Don’t love stuff. Stuff is stuff.  And stuff is worthless.
  11. Don’t be a hater. Everything we hate can be found within ourselves.
  12. It is never too late to change.
  13. Go to Mass.
  14. Go to confession. It’s a wonderful gift.
  15. Go to adoration – at least once a year, to praise God and put in a good word for me.
  16. Read “The Imitation of Christ” by Thomas a Kempis (Or listen to the audiobook) at some point in your life.
  17. Love your kids and your wives and your cousins and your grandparents and your aunts and uncles.
  18. Do something nice for a stranger every now and again – buy them a coffee, pay for the guy behind you at Wendy’s. Make their day.
  19. Love each other. You are brothers. You are different. You are wonderful.
  20. Always have a cat or dog in your house. They remind you, very simply, of what it is to love unconditionally.
  21. Forgive me for all I have done, and pray for me that someday I will see God.

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