Last year in my wild frenzy to consume as much as I could about the Lord, I ran into a podcast about St. Louis de Montfort’s Total Consecration to Christ through Many.  The day I learned about it just so happened to be one of the days you were supposed to start the program.  Ah, Mary.  It was through the invitation of the Rosary that I found my love of Christ, so I am not surprised you called me to this.

However, I was way too cowed to even consider taking on the total consecration program.  I was afraid wouldn’t want (or perhaps I would need) to respond to what I was called to do. And, in all honesty, I though I would be dreadfully bored with the repetition of the prayers.  So I listen to the preparation,  got a cursory review of what the program was, and moved on.

Since then I have hit a spiritual dry patch. After changing jobs I have allowed my selfishness to get wrapped up tightly in the spirit of the world, and take full control of my time, my focus and my heart.  Funny,  I still long for the peace and love and warmth I found when I spent more time with Christ in prayer.   I still hear him call me every day. But I keep ignoring Him.

Then a few weeks ago another invite from Mary to take part in the Total Consecration To Christ Through Mary. This time sponsored by our church.  Saying no to this one would be a big mistake.

Day 4.

Empty yourself of the spirit of the world.
Examine your conscience.


Practice renouncement of your own will.


Purity of heart.

For this purity is the indispensable condition for contemplating God in heaven, to see Him on earth and to Know him by the light of faith.


Today’s reading: Imitation of Christ, Book 3, Chapter 7, 40

“If you could always continue to be humble and little in your own eyes, and keep your spirit i due order and subjection, you would not fall so easily into danger and offense”


Prayers — Veni Sancti Spiritus

. . .. Far from us drive the foe we dread,

and grant us Thy peace instead;

so we shall not, with Thee for guide

turn from the path of life aside. . . .


Thank you Mary, for calling on me. Thank you God for your love.

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