“Being with someone, listening without a clock and without anticipation or results, teaches us about love. The success of love is in the loving–it is not in the result of loving.”

My whole life I have been driven by achievement.  I am uncomfortable if I am not making some use of my time.  But this is one of the most profound messages I am learning from Christ.  Christ, the calm amidst the chaos.  Christ still in the anxious crowd.  Christ silent in the face of insult.  I have learned more about me, about life, about my purpose in life in the quiet moment of morning prayer at home and  in the church than all my years of swirling.  In silence there is wisdom.   But this is a lesson that slips away as my drive for “progress” moves me forward.  What a gift is silence.  And what a gift is time.  Time to listen, to learn and to be with the ones you love.  No pressure. Just be.  Be still and know that I am God.


“Love has no meaning if it is not shared.”

God’s creation of us in his image, combined with Christ’s death on the cross, his ascension and his gift of the Holy Spirit  make us one with Christ. He is within us, all.  Those we fear, those we dislike, and those we are sure we cannot love.  He is there.  The light in the bushel basket. The divine spark.  It is our duty — and our inheritance — to love all.


We are not here for work, we are here for Jesus.

Because we are one with Christ, every word and action is a reflection of Christ.  Am I living my whole life to reflect his glory? Giving time, touch of the hand, an ear?  The road is clear, but the gate is narrowed by our preoccupation with the modern world..  Think of all the beauty we do not see each day.  The gifts we do not share. The moments of intimacy and joy that slip away.

“Love is not patronizing and charity is not about pity.”. . . A man who went to help the dying in India was speaking to Mother Teresa. He mentioned that there was little he could do at the hospital. In many cases he just held the hands of the dying. Sometimes they knew he was there, other times they didn’t. He was disappointed. He wanted to do so much more. So when she asked him how he got on, he shrugged and said “I was there”.  She answered “What was St. John or Our Blessed Mother doing at the foot of the Cross.”


As one grows in prayer one grows also in the knowledge of oneself and if not in one’s sinfulness, then certainly on potential sinfulness. It brings about a real understanding of what St. Philip Neri said. “There I go, but for the grace of God.”

I am rededicating myself to morning prayer. To stillness and silence. To self control. I have been busy, and many bad habits are filling the void where silence and prayer have been. I cannot turn them away on my own. These demons can come out only through prayer. (Mark 9:29)

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