The Christian’s only true and specific contribution to the human effort is to improve one’s condition in society is to bear witness to the religious position as the most completely human stance for tackling the moral, social and political problems that one meets within social co-existence. . . . An intelligence that is stirred spurs us on to repeat Peter’s “yes” to Christ’s question, “Do you love me?”. That “yes” generated the energy for witness and for a new morality that can be faced, like a new dawn, no matter what the circumstances; a “yes” born of sharing life with the presence of Christ, a presence gazed upon and imitated increasingly as being the only thing that corresponds to the fundamental needs of human nature, of the heart, which is  the term used in the Bible to mean all of man. . . Monsignor Luigi Guissani

Heaven is on Earth. It is here, vibrating around us.  It is the true essence of what is human. Christ’s ascension — or, in my mind  his dispersion or dissolving — Gives us the opportunity to enter the world but letting us, through our very nature, and become part of it, at our core.  The Holy Spirit provides the window to see what can be, and Mary guides us there.

In my heart, I understand.  I know. I believe.  I can say yes without hesitation, and with passion and love.  But in the world I am afraid and hide beneath the bushel basket.  And light only emanates from the cracks in the weave, where I have let my guard down, and He, in his mercy, lets his love shine through.

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