I finished reading “Proof of Heaven” by Dr. Eben Alexander and it me something far different that  what it’s title says, it gave me the words to articulate the how I have imagined presence of God.

His story is wonderful. Dr. Alexander is a neurosurgeon that has a near death experience that defies logic and completely changes his view of heaven and earth. In religious words, he is transformed. He explains heaven as a place that vibrates with light and life. A place, right here, right with us, but on the other side of our human consciousness — that is, our prejudices, limitations and constructs — where you can hear sight, see sound, and be love. It’s a place of intimacy and infinity. Your past worries and disappointments are not just insignificant, they simply don’t  make sense.  Everything is reduced down past  the atoms, the particles, from which we are all made, down to our essence, our soul, and that is what fills this endless open heart. We are pure love.

His description is not new. But I am new to faith. And reading it set off so many connections.  Thank you, dear Holy Spirit for taking me here.

I have always had a sense that God is right here.  Again, this is not new, but for me it is a new way of explaining. Remember the movie finding Nemo?  I see God’s presence like the trans-Pacific waterway in the middle of the vast ocean.  Or maybe like the universe in Orion’s belt, in the movie Men In Black. Or in Jesus’ parable, the light under the basket. It’s right there.  Always present. You just need to feel it.

About the time I was getting serious about my faith, my husband and kids gave me a camera. What I captured in my lens opened my eyes to completely new world I had never seen before.  And it was one of pure beauty —  stunning, complex, and simple, that exploded like poetry in the image of  water drops, a blade of grass, a single snowflake, a spiderweb in the morning light . These are things too small to be noticed. Things that fade quicker and quieter than a shift in the wind, but that share so much truth about the deep, deep infinity of  love.

That is the presence of God. If I can see what I see through my camera.. . .  No, if I can feel what I feel through my camera, then what’s beyond that?

At the core of everything, is pure love, vibrating against restraints of our human minds and hearts. It cannot be contained and never will be. It is here among us and within us. It is heaven on earth.

Be still and know that I am God.

Ahhh, yes.

Be still and know that He is God.


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