Notes from my second session with Father Barkett.


He spoke to me about truth, and love, and selflessness, and wonder. How Jesus came to us so that we could live our lives abundantly. And how once you truly love God with all your heart,  you can do “whatever you want”, because your will always be aligned with His will.

He talked to me about true humility — which strangely to me, although it hit home in a big ol’ way, means that anything is possible with God. Humility is Truth.   “The whole world will call me Blessed.”   Anything less than that is pride.

He reminded me that turning the other cheek does not mean being a doormat.

He shared how the Devil does the opposite of God.  He tries too hard. He tries to control. God on the other hand  calls and invites.

He talked about how men in the world will forever bear the burden of not protecting women.  And how women forever overcompensate.

He reminded me again that it is not about me. God chose me, I did not choose him.  And He called me here at this moment in time because it was now that I would be most susceptible to his love.

He reminded me that God loves me, always, and everyday, because I am who I am — all my strengths and faults combined. And he told me to think of God’s love the way I love my own children, to bring it closer to home.

He gave me confession. Face to face. I hadn’t done that since Confirmation and completely blanked on the Act of Contrition.

And, he smiled sweetly and told me I had a piece of cereal in my hair. 🙂


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