A prayer for the new year.

Dear God.

Save me from myself.

Let me start every day grateful. Warm in your arms and filled with hope beyond all hope of the wonderful promise that is the day.

Let me soak up your strength in the beautiful silence of prayer.

Help me fill the well that I empty each day with my selfishness and pride. Unlock every door to my heart. Dissolve my resistance fueled by insecurity and fear.

I want to leap for Joy at the sound of your Name. I want to live in Christ. I want to change the world, change one day, everyday  —  with a warm and welcome greeting that says yes, yes! you do matter. I do care. You are loved.

Please, God, fill my heart so full that it explodes with love and warmth and color and energy —  furious and brilliant — that collides full speed into everything I do and touch, for all to see!

Help me live in love with reckless abandon.

Help me breathe forgiveness.

Keep me awe stuck always at the tiny tender gifts, the sun, the clouds, my health, my children, the world in a water drop that I see through the lens of my camera.

Let me stay in awe of the billions of us that there are in the world. The billions that have passed, the billions to come — each his own light. Each his own gift. Each life your gift. We are all connected.

Pray for all of those who have fallen away and believe that hatred is the only thing left. They are truly tragic.

Help me surrender, God.  My will to yours.

Save me from myself.

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