I have been poking around some Catholic blogs thanks to  8 Kids and a Business, who somehow stumbled across my blog and had a  link to the Catholic Bloggers Network on her website. Thanks, Terry.

Two things are very striking.  First, is how many ways God calls to us. After reading a handful of blogs from the site, I realized that no two are alike. Everyone enters into Catholicism and their relationship with God in their own way.  Some are drawn in by prayer.  Some the saints. Some by the gospels. Some by psalms. Some by theology (in the academic sense). Some by history. There are those that are called to the laws and the ceremony.  Others drawn in by  instinct. Many like the community. Others, the silence.

Of course, this shouldn’t be a huge surprise to me. It is as human as can be. And extremely Christian.  However, the personal relationship with God was something that used to make me feel very uncomfortable when it was brought up at Church.

And, of course, while there are millions and millions of ways into God, there is only one conversation we are all having once we get there. That alone proves to me there is a God.

The second thing is ongoing reference of St. Therese of Lisieux.  from so many, including me.

I have been reading a Story of a Soul, and its hard. I am not enjoying it.  It feels contrived (yes, I am judging here) and self-aware. And, by her own admission, St. Therese seems a bit of a pill.  In all honesty, I have been  wondering why she is so revered . . .

But then, I don’t think writing was her gift, was it.

Her gift to all of us, is that way in.

On a human level,  she is young, and beautiful and innocent, sweet and simple.   And  “The Little Way” is manageable ( i edited out easy, because it is anything but). . . . The Little Way is such a wonderful way  to begin and end your day with God.  She is a saint because she draws us to God by letting us be explore and comfortable  the many, many individual ways we are drawn to God.  It’s brilliant. Heck, It’s Divine.

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