Final note on the day. It’s been a tough couple of days at work. Pride has reared its ugly head (has it ever left?) and I’ve been wrapped up in what others think of me.  Which makes my heart feel hollow and heavy.  Also haven’t been able to go to church two mornings in a row because of work. For the last two weeks  this has been a way to find my center and strength for the day.

Anyway, on the way home, I was listening to Catholic teaching about the Trinity, and The Mystery of God.  The priest referenced St. Augustine:

If you could understand God, it would not be God.

And it struck me.  Who wants to understand? There is so much joy in the mystery.

I was stopped at a light looked up and saw the Moon. A glorious yellow moon, one day past full.  I realized how big life is. And how small I have been.  And for a fleeting, gorgeous moment, the past two days melted away into wonder.  Illumination.

What a wonderful gift we have been given in God.

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