There is a footnote in the Bible (New American Version) about Barrabbas. That in Aramic, Barrabbas means “son of the father”.  On Wikipedia too,

Barabbas’ name appears as bar-Abbas in the Greek texts. It is derived ultimately from the Aramaic בר-אבא, Bar-abbâ, “son of the father”. According to early Greek texts, Barabbas’ full name was Jesus Barabbas.[14] Later texts shorten his name to just Barabbas.

Jesus, Barrabbas, the son of the father    vs.     Jesus, the Son of the Father.

Every day we find ourselves at the sentencing of Jesus. It’s loud. It’s tight.  The crowd is pushing in.  We are called to make decisions about how we should live, what to embrace, what not to do. We look to the mood of the crowd for reassurance. We get distracted by the moment. Our lives. Our pride. We cry, Crucify Him.

Yet He still lives.

There is one Truth.

Small day-to-day decisions, large-scale neglect, fear and abandonment, He is still there.  And He does not change.  Constantly offering us the opportunity to do the right thing.

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