Listened to a great podcast today on Divine Grace.

Greek root:  Charis.
Meanings:  Favor, fellowship, communion, thanksgiving.

Four Senses of Grace

  • Benevolence: God loves us with benevolence.
  • Gift: His benevolence compels him to give us gifts of his love
  • Thanksgiving: Receiving his gifts, we become thankful, grateful, gracious.
  • This Graciousness: makes us more worthy of his gifts.

Eucharist: Eu=well, Charis= favor, thanks. Eucharist: giving good thanks.


I have come that they may have life more abundantly.
John, 10:10.

Grace: Life Everlasting.  Life: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit brought into our soul.

Participating (Sharers) in the Divine nature.
2nd Peter, 1:4

This is the gift if we accept it.

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