Got in a fight with my son last night.  Scratch that. I was just mean.

He needed help with his math homework. I had no interest. We just got home from a friend’s house, where I had a few glasses of wine. My husband sat down in front of the fire with some football. I got angry.  So, while my son struggled, I fumed. A little tantrum for attention. Poor me.

I could be none more selfish. And it left me totally ashamed.

God knew it. So this morning, I was called to dig into Genesis for the first time.

In Death on A Friday Afternoon, Richard John Neuhaus called original sin a “fall up”. I wish I could remember his exact description, but basically it’s about raising ourselves up as the center of the universe. Believing we could know and order and judge all things. And that everything is ours to take.

In a setting as dramatic as the Garden of Eden, with the stakes as high as the fall of man, grandiose terms like hubris quickly come to mind to describe Adam and Eve’s actions and mentally separate us from them. Or, with hubris, we just dismiss the story as a ridiculous myth loved by bible beating loonies.

But its far more plain and relevant. And plays out daily. Selfish thoughts and words and actions and ridiculous rebellions that result in  naked shame.

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